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The Curse of the Mistwraith (Wars of Light & Shadow, #1; Arc 1, #1) - Janny Wurts The first time I read "The Curse of the Mistwraith", it endowed a great sensation of frustration upon me. The characters' motivations were beyond me, Arithon was the only engaging character, but Lysaer bored me and the Fellowship of Seven seemed just as bad as the Koriathain. The prose was overwhelmingly flowery, which made the plot as easy to grasp as the eponymous Mistwraith. I gave it three stars, but decided to give the rest of the series a chance because it had potential.

Less than three months later I ended up stuck in the middle of Initiate's Trial….the ninth book in the series…I was, and still am, totally engrossed by the series. I realised that (a) I needed to see these characters again, and (b) I needed to re-read Curse.

All the frustrations I had with Curse disappeared - there are very few problems with this book that relate to the author or the plot. I was the problem.

Wurts' prose is unique. It reminds me a little of Steven Erikson, but their voices are completely different and, despite its density, Wurts' prose can be quite jovial. I paid more attention to the plot, especially the parts I struggled with the first time round, although there are parts of the book where the plot lags. And after nine books, and despite the number of times I've shout abuse at him, Lysaer is one of my favourite characters.

It's a shame that there are readers who are missing out on the series because of Curse. Yes, the prose is difficult to get into, but it's worth the investment :)