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Waking (Clockwork Twist #1)

Waking (Clockwork Twist #1) - Emily  Thompson

I received a free copy of this book in return for a review.

"My word, you are cute!" pretty much summarises Twist's character -- he's a little reserved, quirky and oh so innocent; you can't help but like him. Other than Mr. Twist himself, some of the shadier characters (Idris, Vane, Quay) were far more interesting than the "good" ones and I hope they reappear in future novels.

I actually wasn't expecting a romance in this book, but I ended up with a double surprise -- it wasn't the straightforward type of romance. And thank the gods it wasn't because what Thomson wrote was refreshing!

This is only the second Steampunk book I've read (the first being Airborn by Kenneth Oppel), so I found the mixture of Victorian etiquette, clockwork technology and magic really engaging. Although the story is complete, there's a lot more to explore in Thomson's world -- I look forward to learning more about the world in future books.