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Salvage - Russell W. Libonati I was given a free (digital) copy of this book in exchange for a review.

Salvage is a story that focuses on the crew of a salvage ship (surprise surprise) as they attempt to rescue an attacked space station. What initially appears to be a straightforward rescue mission ends up going dangerously wrong...

The strengths of Salvage lie mainly in the style of writing and the science. Libonati writes in a manner that is to the point - there's no flowery bs, just straightforward prose. The science is impeccable and I really appreciated the details (one of my favourite gadgets was the pressure measuring device).

There's quite a large array of (interesting) characters, but I didn't quite feel I was emotionally involved with them. However, I did think their reactions to certain situations were completely human and not out of the ordinary. Because of this, Salvage is actually an interesting character study as to how humans would react whilst in space.

My main problem with the story was the plot. There was plenty of tension throughout the book, which was great as it kept me reading. However, I felt the climax of the novel fell a bit flat. I didn't feel like there were enough clues for the reader to piece the puzzle. The main plot point was just exposed in a few pages and so the ending felt rushed.

Overall I did enjoy the book, although it did take me a little longer than usual to finish. I liked the style of writing, but I was left disappointed by the ending. The scifi aspect of the book was excellent, so I'll definitely be looking out for future books by Libonati.