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The Way of Shadows (The Night Angel Trilogy)

The Way of Shadows - Brent Weeks

On hindsight I should have read The Way of Shadows more carefully because I'm really not sure how I feel about it. Although I wasn't expecting Lightbringer standards, I didn't think I'd find the storyline unclear or that I'd be confused. And I don't know if my confusion was from laziness due to my part or if some of the plot wasconfusing.

My confusion lies with the sudden (and, to me, jarring) introduction of the kakari. Although it gave the characters purpose, it just seemed a little out of the blue. I think a second read will clarify the role of the kakari within the story (I hope).

A lot of fans seem to hero worship the two main characters, Durzo and Kyler. This is what I feel about them: meh. They were interesting enough, but not so much that I'd tattoo their names across my face {for the record I don't think anyone has done that}. I wish some of the non-main characters had more page time though. Dorian the cheeky oracle {now his name I would tattoo across my face}, Niner the creative curser {"You shitting… shitting... shit!" - best line in the book} and Logan the oblivious hormonal teenager.

Still, the main annoyance of this book was only a minor one and it was one regarding romance. Kyler and Elene's romantic interactions were soppy; some of the dialogue was pretty cheesy too. On the other hand, Durzo's romantic escapades were far more to my taste. Maybe it's cos I'm an evil heartless b*tch, but I loved the Momma K twist at the end .

I'm not really mad about this book - it hasn't made me go "OMG when the hell does the next one come out???" like I did for The Black Prism.