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Touch of Power (Healer)

Touch of Power - Maria V. Snyder This is a pretty terrible book, but I couldn't stop reading it. It's like watching a movie so bad that it's funny.

The plot is predictable, but eventful, maybe too eventful. Anything that can go wrong does go wrong in this book. The annoying thing is that the characters were able to get out of any situation a little too easily for my liking. Something would happen, but it's all ok because the Avry and Kerrick are all powerful and awesome and can get out of any situation!!

So why the did I keep reading this book despite the terrible plot construction and boring characters? Well, Snyder managed to redeem herself by making one character so ridiculously crazy that it was worth trawling through 400 pages of drivel. Whilst Avry and Kerrick are pretty standard boring good guys, Tohon added a bit of unpredictability to the plot. His character is so chaotic and manic that I'm interested to see what evil plan he concocts for the next book.

I'll probably just grab the next book from the library. It's poorly written with a dire plot, but at least it has Tohon.